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  • I am a fully qualified and insured veterinary physiotherapist based in Shropshire, with Postgraduate (Level 7) qualification in Veterinary Physiotherapy from Harper Adams University, and a member of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP) and Register of Animal Muscular Skeletal Practitioners (RAMP) whose requirement for continuing professional development ensures skills and knowledge are kept up to date with the latest research in this developing field. I hold an Honours degree in Equine Science from the Royal Agricultural University and a First Class Honours Degree in Animal Management, Behaviour and Welfare from the University of Chester providing a wide and varied knowledge of animal management and care, from pets, competition animals, farm animals and exotics, backed up with over twenty years professional experience working with animals in a variety of fields. I am also a British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach with many years’ experience managing, training and competing horses with a particular interest in dressage. I have a keen interest in both equine and canine sports performance and welfare and am a qualified Human Sports Massage therapist. My leisure time is mostly spent with constant companion and physio assistant, black labrador Meg.  Read more

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Lesley Williamson

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Canine training and workshops

I combine Veterinary Physiotherapy knowledge with qualifications in animal management, welfare and behavior to offer a variety of training and workshop opportunities.

K9 Keep Fit Classes

All dogs benefit from low level tailored exercise sessions to improve strength, build muscle, train correct movement patterns, help with mobility issues in older dogs, help with weight loss and have fun with their owner. Classes and one to one sessions available in a fun relaxed environment.

K9 Keep Fit aims to improve:
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Movement
  • Confidence
  • Condition
  • Joint function
  • Flexibility and suppleness
  • Core strength
  • Proprioception (body awareness)
  • Ability to cope with day to day tasks

Classes are tailored to age, ability and body condition of individual dogs, working with any health related restrictions in a safe controlled environment using slow strengthening exercises and a variety of equipment including cavaletti poles, platforms and balance discs.

Classes include:
  • Weight watchers – helping a weight loss programme with safe, controlled exercise
  • Senior dogs – low level exercise to maintain mobility in older dogs
  • Puppy keep fit – fun low impact exercise to aid development, strength and skills
  • Family dog – fun exercise to improve function and health and provide exercise variety

1:1 sessions £30 to include assessment and tuition (45 minute session) Please contact me for group session dates and prices in your area.

K9 Keep Fit agility or working dog workshops

Core stability workshops

Group or Club workshops, or individual sessions, to teach a range of exercises to improve core stability with the aim of maximizing performance. Core stability provides increased body awareness, control, balance and proprioception. Individual sessions £30 for 45 minutes or please contact me to arrange groups bookings, shared sessions or clinics.

Pole work workshops

Group or Club workshops, or individual sessions, using poles as part of your weekly exercise programme to build strength and co-ordination, as part of a remedial exercise plan or to increase mobility, core stability, co-ordination and balance. Individual sessions £30 for 45 minutes or please contact me to arrange groups bookings, shared sessions or clinics.

Massage workshops

Canine massage courses to teach a variety of massage techniques for use on your own dog to help relieve muscle soreness after exercise, relieve discomfort in older arthritic dogs or simply build a closer relationship with your canine companion. Please contact me for further details or to arrange a workshop.